I don’t think Dore would draw nearly the crowds that Stewart would. Those crowds are key.

But thanks for the comments, everyone. I’ll pick this up again next week.


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Utter bollocks.

If you want someone genuine to run that is liberal and progressive - nominate Jimmy Dore.

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No. I'm a little stunned you'd even suggest it. Stewart has time and again proven himself to be a squishy centrist with quite a dislike of the "progressive" side of things. Why not vote for Buttigieg instead? Because Stewart might be the same, only would give us more laughs? Because you think he has a better "Blue no matter who" chance? No thanks.

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Absolutely no. His stance on COWED1984 ,while comedic, is the basis of a pathetic leader. He panders to the blue side. We need someone to take 'em both on.

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Stewart’s comedy was always well within the bounds of establishment Democratic Party politics. He has never wavered from the pro-war orthodoxy. His only asset in the race is that he is well known and not disliked by most Democratic voters. I understand the frustration. There are no actual progressives in the Democratic Party (judging by actions rather than words). There are no Democrats with national name recognition, a decent track record, and sufficient charisma to beat any likely Republican nominee. The best course of action is to dissolve the party altogether and build some new ones that actually stand for something other than the status quo.

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His showing up on Colbert to SPEW agitprop, how evil Chi-NA engineered SARS CoV2, was textbook Brownstone Institute, GBD (while, it's Jon's admirers, who strode past Immigration/ TSA & killed 32K in NYC. Maybe, it was taking tattooed Azov Battalion & Right Sektor heros to Disneyland. I'd have voted for Tlaib & went to Bernie's 18K/38K/32K rallies in 2016 NYC (as he handed us to Hillary (as Debbie, John & Robby installed Trump, to mau-mau boomer yuppies & Gen X PMC). Jon & Colbert handed the 2010 midterms, as DMFI/ UDP did this year. Going to Ivy League universities for grown up, pragmatic & sneeringly brainwashed kids, is apparently conditioned response & erasing any cognative dissonance about US mass suicide INCLUDING an entitled, speciously oblivious PMC?

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He's been wrong about a great number of issues and, quite honestly, you do not know him. For Stewart to be credible, I would need to see him backed by people I know with electoral track records that are well established. I cannot begin to imagine the clown car filled with former comedians who are very smart and see our problems! (But none of them have any solutions, just jokes about the problems. Seeing the problem and fixing the problem are very different skill sets.)

He was born in and I believe lives in New York. He would need the support of the New York Democratic party. I have zero interest in supporting ANYONE supported by the NY Democratic party (Cuomo/Hochul hacks).

And...someone would have to review EVERY joke he's ever made. The smart guys not-from-Minnesota picked Al Franken to be our Senator a while back. They didn't stick around for almost-touched-her-boobsgate.

And, and . . . he would have to roll over and stan for Russiagate or he could never unite the broken (on purpose) Democratic party. That or talk them off the ledge but no one is that good a communicator. At this stage of dupery, not even Hillary Clinton making a full confession on national television could de-derange average Democrats.

Not to mention the fact that Stewart's not hard enough to stand down the filthy lying neoconservative and neoliberal liars who run our government. Comedians want to be liked. Presidents can't have that kind of weakness.

Disagree on this one. No more comedians for high office, not in the USA or Ukraine!

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