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perhaps it's not w.Supremacists infiltrating the police. perhaps it's the other way around?

you should heavily contemplate that. with regard to info about OKC bombing in '95 and the very idea that a w.Supremacist group is allowed their own self-regulated town in Okahoma that allows no access to police.

what group--civic, religious or otherwise, would be allowed to do that?

as ever, what does one think Operation Gladio was about and why could it not have happened here?

the government likes and looks the other way at these groups because it can use them at opportune moments to foment the "right" kind of discord. this is not some fifth columnist infiltrating action. this is what they are allowed to continue existing FOR.

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Also, a story that came out today in the city of Charlottesville, VA where a police employee was seen at and took part in the 1/6 insurrection: https://www.nbc29.com/2022/06/13/former-cpd-chief-accuses-city-employee-entering-capitol-jan-6-2021/

It is presently being treated as a 'personnel issue' by the acting Chief (who was the assistant chief previously...had to fix that in my post).

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