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May 25, 2021Liked by Thomas Neuburger

After reading today's Daily Poster article on how Cuomo Democrats are shafting labor with a new bill to exacerbate the oppression of gig workers, I'm finding it hard to think things will ever get better. And then I read about how 43% of Michiganders are too poor to function in our market-driven economy.

I'm still waiting for Biden to deliver on literally any of his major promises. I do not believe the IRS will crack down on the super rich, not for a moment. I do believe Biden will continue to militarize the police, and that when the riots finally start, they'll initially be put down with brutal force while Israeli consultants study the videos and make suggestions based on what works against Palestinians (and how they improved on earlier South African models for suppressing the majority).

I'd forward this post to my friends, but I don't know anyone who hasn't given up on Biden already. Things are going to get worse, and then Biden will signal bold initiatives that after being compromised by the leadership of both parties in Congress, will compound the people's suffering.

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