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Very well done Thomas.

What's a New Deal Democrat (AKA Berniecrat) to do, when the entire formal apparatus of the mega-donor controlled Democratic Party conspires to destroy any true reformers?

Pelosi blocked lawmaker stock purchasing reform. Schumer's major interest seems to be protecting Wall Street, and most other Democrats are afraid of their own shadows. None seem to be willing to wield power, when they have it, to benefit the vast sea of Americans forgotten over the decades after Tony Coelho threw Labor under the bus and married Wall Street. The choice of Democrats to become Republican-lite and to continue to support neoliberal austerity is mind-boggling.

What is a New Deal Democrat to do? Who will lead us out of the wilderness if not ourselves?

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What I find most hard to stomach is how most Democrats are too cowardly, crooked, conservative- choose your adjective- to do the things that need to be done. I’m a GenX lifelong independent who’s sick to death of voting blue in what feels more & more like a fruitless attempt to stop the US from sliding so far right. Even worse, we’re talking about a GOP that’s well & truly lost the plot at this point, so why are the Dems still so damn reticent?? The increasing # of independent voters & fact that America even gave Trump the time of day speaks volumes to how tired people are of the status quo in government

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i just finished reading the 49-page Guide To Understanding The Hoax Of The Century. It’s a lot. If it seems too much, i’d ask that ppl read the intro and then skip to the last two sections. What Jacob Siegel is asserting is that there’s only one Ruling Class and they don’t give a flip about what we think. They’ve got the entire intelligence community behind them; all big tech social media; all legacy media, paid-for influencers and anyone ‘who matters.’

the takeaway for electoral politics is that all hell will be raised using all the tools at their disposal to elevate the candidate who best serves the interests of The Ruling Class regardless of party affiliation. We no longer matter.

i’ve seen this play out in the interplay of state parties with local and congressional campaigns. They do NOT look toward NPAs. The only voters who matter are voters who’ve voted previously.

all that to say, soon, the largest voting bloc may well be non-voters.

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Once you recognize that Team D is the political manifestation of the PMC, with minorities as junior partners, and Team R is the political will of the local gentry, with white evangelicals as junior partners, everything makes sense. All Will Be Revealed.

Corporate imperialist muppet Team D Tweedledee vs corporate imperialist muppet Team R Tweedledum. The biggest difference is which brand of identity politics you find less noisome.

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This well thought out article makes us wonder who is really on our side, the people’s side. We must learn not to trust flowery political rhetoric no matter how much it tickles our ears.

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