Meh. The fossil fuel companies aren’t going to trust an administration that has demonized them at every turn.

I don’t see capex spends going up anywhere approaching past energy prices spikes, meaning the over demand situation is still not changing for at least 12-18 months looking forward.

And ongoing energy market fails will continue: high gasoline and diesel prices, rising natural gas hence fertilizer prices, and higher food and heating/cooling costs as a result.

This is the alternative energy market‘s time to put up or shut up; it appears to be mostly shut up to date.

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If Deb Haaland didn't make you go, HMmm? If you didn't call Obama 'Sheriff Bart' or SEE who installed Trump, to make ofay yuppies an offer, they couldn't refuse... It's been intentionally blatant, as die große Lüge requires. It all HAS to be PREPOSTEROUS, smugly contradictory, or Colbert, Jimmy, The View will have to have a wealthy celebrity explain that if we DON'T buy-into what we're told we believe, Putin & Trump will pop-up outa HELL and we'll miss MASKLESS Brunch!

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