With these vaccines as our only real defense, we may survive the virus living among us, but the virus among us may survive as well.
Big Polluters are advancing a “net zero” climate agenda to delay, deceive, and deny. The IPCC is inadvertently helping them.
The Taliban are far from unique in Afghan life
It's not a moral or psychological failing to see Manchin, Biden and the rest as irredeemably opposed to everything actual people actually need. It's si…
No one with real power wants to stop the wreck that even they know is coming.
While I don't yet advocate for Andreas Malm's ideas, I strongly advocate for discussing them.
Are the rich showing the rest of the world what they want for us?
Biden's deadly climate deeds, from Food and Water Watch
If the wealthy had ever planned to save our species from the coming catastrophe, they'd be doing so now and we'd be watching them do it.
This is the state we defend when we defend the state.
There's some kind of civil war coming, and the state is getting ready to fight it.
Ivermectin is cheap and exists. Undeveloped vaccines, with governments desperate to finance and promote them, are money in the bank for years.